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The World of Allan Richards

Allan Richards, aka Richard Aptekar, brings ShowsToYou with years of experience performing
for satisfied clients (TESTIMONIALS) around the planet, in every industry category (CLIENTS).
Richards is a versatile entertainer-writer-actor-singer-MC-horn player-wedding celebrant
(CHARACTERS, WEDDINGS, LIFE). Thank you for finding ShowsToYou.com. Enjoy your visit.
We look forward to making your special event unforgettable in every way!

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Date Location Performer
12/04 San Francisco - Rincon Center 'ShowsToYou'
12/07 San Francisco - Waldorf School 'ShowsToYou'
12/11 Menlo Park - Little House Singing Santa
12/13 Novato, CA Singing Santa
12/24 Fremont, CA Singing Santa
12/24 Hillsborough, CA Singing Santa
01/16-17 Chino Hills, CA 'ShowsToYou'
01/19-24 New Mexico 'ShowsToYou'
01/28 Santa Clara, CA 'ShowsToYou'
03/13-14 Hakone Gardens, Saratoga Celebrant
03/27-28 Piedmont Comm. Ctr. Celebrant
05/23-24 Palace of Fine Arts, SF Celebrant
06/07 Heather Farms, Walnut Creek Celebrant
07/04 Mounted Patrol, Woodside 'ShowsToYou'
07/24-25 Saratoga, Private Home Celebrant
08/07-08 Club Auto Sport, San Jose Celebrant
08/28-29 Hillsborough Racquet Club Celebrant
'Aging Hippie' brings back fun from the '60s for San Francisco tour group

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