Audio Files

Click on any of the MP3 Tracks below to hear short excerpts
from Allan Richards' voiceover recordings of radio station IDs,
radio commercials, children's stories, music jingles, special material
songs, character roles from corporate videos and online narrations.

Town Crier Story.mp3 (2MB)

Swiss Steak.mp3 (1.5MB)

Bachelor Blues.mp3 (1.4MB)

Jello Mold.mp3 (1.1MB)

Not Easy Being Clean.mp3 (2.8MB)

Beauty and The Prince.mp3 (2MB)

Senior Blues.mp3 (2.2MB)

Lady Liberty.mp3 (836KB)

Because.mp3 (2.7MB)

Marathon Gasoline.mp3 (1.2MB)

ExLax Radio Spot.mp3 (336K)

KLAC Station ID.mp3 (475K)

Radio Station News ID.mp3 (244K)