'President Franklin D. Roosevelt', Stanford University 

'Cowboy', Mounted Patrol, San Mateo County, Jr. Rodeo, Woodside, CA

'FDR', San Francisco

'Thomas Jefferson', San Francisco

'Prison Guard', Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

'Carmine Crochetti' (Dean Martin's nephew) & 'Vinny Sinatra' (Frank's other son),

50th Anniversary Celebration, South Shore Centre, Alameda, CA

'Singing File', Instant Search Function, Windows Vista Ultimate Promotion, Microsoft, San Francisco (3 Days)

'MC' Veterans Tribute show, Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, 2009 - 2011

'Leonardo DaVinci,' SonyMetreon exhibit, San Francisco Auto Show (6 days)

'Alphornist & Yodeler', various San Francisco locations, Amstel Light sponsor (2 months)

Singer/Writer, 'Come Bank With Us' ('Come Fly With Me'), Sinatra-parodied song presentations
for Santa Clara Valley National Bank, at 13 branches in silicon valley

'Mark Twain' & '1800s Schoolmaster', weekly performances, 'Young America' Exhibition,
Cantor Center Museum, Stanford University (3 months)

'Lounge Lizard', 'Singing Fireman', 'Police Officer Richards', 'Mr. Debonair', 'Elvis',
'Austrian Yodeler', 'Baseball Player/Coach', 'Grim Reaper', 'Fallen Angel', 'Bearagorn',
'Little John without Robin Hood', 'Funny Phantom of the Opera', 'Tootsie's Sister',
'Mrs. Doubtfire', 'Drag Mama', 'Vinnie Sinatra', 'Uncle Sam's Cousin Al', 'Big Cat with
Hats & Horns', 'Mister Rogers Brother Allan', 'President Bill Clinton', 'President George
W. Bush', 'Bond, James Bond - Agent 007', 'Chef Reechard', 'Navy Admiral Richards',
'Army General Bullmoose', 'Old Cowhand', 'Captain Morgan', 'Metamucil Man' +++,

5,000+ live/improv events to date

'Cruise Director/Entertainer', Holland-America Cruises, S. S. Rotterdam (17-cruises)

'Regis Philbin = Respin Silicon', CadMOS Design Tech. , Automation Conf., Los Angeles, CA

'Exhibitor Host', Gradall Division, Warner & Swasey, Heavy Equipment Show, Houston, TX (4 days)

'Pitchman', Ford & Chevrolet, Auto Shows, Detroit, MI (6 days)

'Principal', 'How To Succeed In Business. . .', Hiram Walker, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada

'Writer/Performer', Ad League & Press Club Awards Shows, Roasts, Dallas, TX

'Performer', Gridiron Club shows, Washington, DC


'Storyteller', 'Martyred in the U.S.S.R.', documentary, Kevin Gonzales, Producer

'Olympic Runner,' Global meeting video, Linksys/Cisco Systems, Groove 11 Productions, San Francisco

'Greedy Businessman,' "I am Jesus Christ", Vincent Gargiulov Films, San Francisco, CA

'Executive', 'Hidden Barriers', Level Playing Field Institute, Noir Films, Oakland, CA

'TV Reporter', 'What Should I Do With My Life?', Julian Baliss Films, Stanford, CA

'Advertising Executive' (Principal), 'Plastic Prophet', Isaiah Saxon Films, San Francisco, CA

'Professor', 'Deadline', Travis Gregory Films, San Jose, CA

'Professor', 'Artificial Insemination', John Szabo Films, San Francisco, CA

'Doctor', 'Slowdown', VB Productions, San Francisco, CA

'Husband', 'Slow', John Lightfoot Films, San Francisco, CA

'Gospel Singer', 'Reborn', cult classic starring Dennis Hopper, Houston, TX -  SAG

'Coca Cola' Marketing Film, Jam Handy Productions, Detroit, MI

'Training Film', Ford Motor Co., Wilding-Tridex, Detroit, MI

'Training Film', Peninsula Regent, Starburst Video Productions, Redwood City, CA


'Grandfather', online marketing video, PhotoMambo.com, Palo Alto, CA

Singer, Firefox 'Rise Up Against Boredom', online video anthem, Mozilla Foundation, San Francisco, CA

'Office Manager', Online training DVD, PlayBack Media, Penrose Productions, Redwood City, CA

'Respin Silicon' (Regis Philbin), CadMOS Design Tech, Video, Still 'n Motion Productions, San Jose, CA

'Businessman', Marketing Video, Plantronics, Porter-Novelli, San Jose, CA

Voiceover, Training DVD for cardiologists, Johnson & Johnson, Eveo Productions, San Francisco, CA

Writer/Producer, Training Video, Mercy Hospital, San Diego, CA

Writer/Producer, Training Videos (3), AMC Theatres, Kansas City, MO

Writer/Producer, Marketing Video, American Century Investments, Proffer Productions, Kansas City, MO


'Santa', CreditKarma.com, :30 TV commercial, San Francisco

'CEO', Spokesman, Bryco Funding, Infomercial, San Francisco

'Father', 26 episodes, 'Planet English television series, The Disney Channel, Japan, Duo Creative, San Francisco

'Thomas Jefferson', :30 spot, Ron Price Subaru, So San Francisco, CA

'Nine characters', I-Detective Series, Court TV, Emeryville, CA

'U. S. Congressman', Human Cargo 2001, Beijing TV, Oakland, CA

'Santa Claus', PSA, Fort Worth Youth Symphony, KXAS-TV Productions, Ft. Worth, TX

'Home Buyer', :30 spots, Houston National Bank, Houston, TX

'Home Buyer', :30 spots, National Bank of Detroit, Simons-Michaelson Advertising, Detroit, MI

'Opera Singer', PSA, Theatre Under the Stars, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Houston, TX

'Writer', :30 & :60 spots, Gulf Oil products, Young & Rubicam Advertising, Houston, TX

'Writer/Producer', :30 & :60 spots, TexasFresh Christmas Trees, Dallas, TX

'Writer/Performer', 'Real People' TV show, Dallas, TX